I was born in Tehran-IRAN - 1968 in a Russian-Iranian family. As far as I can recall, I had been constantly absorbing all the music I could listen to from the media of my days; vinyl records, AM and FM radios and cassettes.


When I began to think of becoming a professional musician, my country got struck by the 1979 Islamic Revolution to be followed by an 8-year war in 1980. Among many radical changes that came along was that all of the music schools went closed for more than a decade. One could very rarely hear live music other than seldom traditional, folklore or selected western classical music performances. Becoming a professional musician seemed no longer a choice but my love for music kept me intensely connected with it.


Musicianship has grown to become a great part of my identity and lifestyle as a freelance independent musician with a tireless daily urge to explore and study music as a universal phenomenon and means of communication.

In this vital practice, creativity has always had real-life causes and inspirations that inspirited and motivated me to make music.




From the age of 6, I had been constantly studying  various instruments as an autodidact, and from  14; creating, writing or producing music in a way or another.

Followed by entering Tehran University's Fine Arts Faculty in 1987 to study painting. I chose to become a professional graphic designer so as to be able to finance my musical activities. My father - an architect, professor and poet, provided me with numerous lessons in art, aesthetics, languages and the art of perception to name a few.

Almost all of my musical knowledge comes from listening to records, studying relevant [rarely available in 80's and 90's Iran] literature; and by putting it all to practice within projects of performance or recording with a handful of musicians from whom I have learned the essential: human musical communication.

My still ongoing self-education, studies and practices in performance, creation and arrangement has always  had been independent of style definitions and classification. Currently I teach music rudiments and how to play saxophone.




On 14 September 1994, after 15 years of "underground" musical activity, I first made it to a public stage at Bahman Cultural Center in Tehran as a member of ATIN band to play the very first public concert since 1979, to include drums, bass guitar, saxophone and other instruments that had all been absent from public performance halls for about one and half of a decade. Other than playing multiple instruments, I contributed to the band's repertoire with A week of Sunshine, instrumental arrangements of some jazz and pop standards as well as the artistic production of the concert.




The very first project was Triyo Persiko, maybe the only jazz trio that was playing jazz standards and giving rare private performances in town during mid 90's. The band transformed into Persiko Kwartett for a period of time.


My musical projects consisted mostly of putting up performing bands of musicians for which I would write music. Up till mid 2000's, there was still no chance to obtain the performance or publishing permits from the authorities to play a jazz concert. So the first project, Persiko Hextett had still to perform privately.


Following the publishing of the album Egosystem, I established the Peter Soleimanipour Ensemble in 2006 to perform some of my work. The project had to undergo major member replacements due to the very small number of musicians with jazz background available in the country who wouldn't be obliged to prioritize a more substantial source of income (like playing in pop bands or doing graphic design), or rather to immigrate and to follow their career elsewhere in the world where jazz seems more largely recognized.


In 2012, I initiated an instrumental performance project for 4 musicians; the 4TET. Immigration disbanded us amidst recording of the project.


In early 2013, I put up the Peter Soleimanipour Group to perform some of the rock/jazz fusion pieces that I had written since 1994. The repertoire has been recorded and will be out soon.


Later in 2013, I was invited to form the group Quartet Diminished and to perform locally and in Europe within 3 years of activity and to publish our debut album Station One to contain 2 of my contributed compositions to the band's repertoire. I left the band in 2016 following legal issues.


In 2014, together with Shahram Gholami (oud) we performed the DUO+1 project.


In 2015, I'd been working on music projects that brought interest in late Abbas Kiarostami to exploit it in his last project; 24 frames. This was followed by contributing of a specific piece to accompany Kiarostami's short film, Take Me Home.


Currently I am under palliative treatment for cancer and I am still making music productions as a healing process. They'll be shortly made known to your hearing - eventually!


Stay tuned!

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